Jewel House, parent company of Jewel Palace, was started in the year 1982 with a 120 sq. ft. shop by Mr.Prabhuram at Perumal Mudali Street, Sowcarpet, Chennai. He forecasted the demand for fashion jewelry in the early peek season when the prices of real gold & silver where booming and how the mind of shoppers were slowly getting diverted to fashion jewelry as an alternate to look beautiful daily with pocket friendly pricing. As the demand for imitation jewelry grew, the business of Jewel House grew many folds and in the year 2000, Jewel Palace, a 1500 sq. ft showroom was inaugurated in Chinna Naicken Street (Mint Street Corner) at Sowcarpet.

The turning point of Jewel Palace was when Mr. Pritam joined Jewel Palace in the year 2006. His unmatched energy & positive spirit helped increase the range of products by adding bags & pouches, cosmetics and almost anything to make this store a one-stop destination for every customer’s need to look fashionable. From budget friendly pricing, many resellers joined the group of Jewel Palace to start selling online across the world and they have a base of around 250+ resellers within India and 50+ resellers across the world.

Mr.Arjun joined Jewel Palace in the year 2014 and helped bring the shop online to increase their sale via Social Media & widened the geographic reach of the customers. With over 100+ online enquiries per day via Whatsapp Messages, a team of 4 key members are part of handling their customer orders & requirements.

2021 is the year is launched as we are ready to bring forward our collection for global reach. By ensuring competitive pricing at wholesale level, we intend to reach out to global resellers and customers for all their fashion needs. We are now ready to grow big step by step.

Why Sowcarpet

Sowcarpet is considered a shopper’s paradise owing to the presence of shops and outlets selling a wide range of finished goods. The sight is typical of the crowded bazaars of Indian cities - a potpourri of different vendors and artisans, trading and making a variety of articles, mainly focusing on needs of women & girls. The wholesale markets for several goods are in Narayana Mudali street, Perumal Mudali street, Govindappa Naicken street and Rattan Bazaar. The area around Kasi Chetty street and Mint street is widely famous for shopping and for small eateries serving traditional North Indian, chiefly Gujarati and Marwari, chaat and other delicacies.

We assure that our products will make you look incredible. With a great fan following in India, Mayasia, Columbo & US, Jewel Palace is extremely focused on Fashion Jewelry, Bags & Pouches, Cosmetics etc and wants to dominate this space in the coming few years.

Come, join the revolution!